To walk alongside and support the dying person and their loved ones through an unfamiliar path. To share comfort, knowledge, guidance, and peaceful presence, before, during, and after death; to foster courage, fortitude, meaning, and thoughtfulness.

~There is no fear

as dusk approaches 

and death is near.

~The birds are sleeping

and the sky is quiet;

but, they will awake again

in the bright sun-light.

~The trees lose their leaves;

they come back again,

and even though you don't see them,

the tree has not died.

~We are just a leaf that

falls to the earth

becomes the earth

and then comes again in the dawn,

to wave beautiful branches in the breeze.

~We see you...we feel you...we are here.

We are all one.

- Jody Mink Elliott

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Jody Mink Elliott, RN, EOLD