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The RN role is different from the End of Life Doula role, in that it is medical-based, and the End of Life Doula role is non-medical. I can help in many ways, as an RN, or as an End of Life Doula, or both combined together. I am here to help and support in whatever way is needed to ensure peace and comfort at the end of life.

What is the role of an RN?

  • Support for the End of Life Option Act: Supportive assistance and presence for the dying person and their loved ones, when this option has been arranged. 

  • End of Life Guidance and Support: Home visits to support and assess needs.

  • On Call services: I am available for phone communication if concerns arise.

  • Medication management: Symptom management; organization.

  • Advocacy: I can communicate with the your Physician, or the hospice team, if needs arise.

  • Referral and Resources.



Sliding Scale. 

No one will be turned away, due to lack of finances.

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