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"Not only does Jody have extensive experience and knowledge in her field, she is a true gift to the lives she touches. Being and End of Life Doula takes a special person with great compassion, kindness and empathy, which Jody seems to have a never ending abundance of. Jody provided her support and services to my family in the utmost professional manner but more importantly, made a very scary and painful process a bit softer, kinder, and better. I am forever grateful."

- Leisa Borges

"Jody, It was such a comfort for me when you were present on my sister, Josefa's passing. I was able to lean on you and also know that you were a huge support to my family and sister. You are the best!!!!"

- Karen Davi

"Jody, I thank you for all of the love and support you gave me during my mother's illness and passing. There are no words to express my gratitude for your kindness and gentle support. What a blessing you will be to everyone that you help."

- Erica Anderson

"You were fearfully and wonderfully made for this unique position for others."

- Jim Staples

"You are the perfect person for this, Jody. You will be a blessing to many.

- Sandra Staples

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